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The Challenges Created by Turnover and Vacancies in Ontario LTC Homes

Turnover and vacancies in LTC homes pose significant challenges and impact the quality of care delivered to residents. High turnover rates and reliance on temporary staffing create scheduling headaches and increase the likelihood of failing inspections due to gaps in coverage and care records.

Why Choose Dragonhart for LTC Recruitment?

Dragonhart is your premier option for LTC recruitment in Ontario. We understand the intricacies of the LTC sector, allowing us to provide informed guidance and support throughout the recruitment process.

With over 30 years of experience in LTC home leadership, we recognize the importance of recruiting and retaining staff for the long term. Our focus extends beyond simply filling positions; we aim to create stable environments where staff and residents can build lasting relationships, ensuring continuity of care and elevating the overall quality of life for residents.

We Build Your Matrix Based on Your Unique Needs

By partnering with Dragonhart, your LTC home gains access to a reliable source of qualified PSWs, Nurses, and RPNs. Our comprehensive screening process ensures that only the most skilled and trustworthy professionals join our team.

Comprehensive Screening & Documentation
Our screening and interviewing process ensures that only qualified and trustworthy healthcare professionals with up-to-date documentation become members of our team.
Senior Care

Our processes, policies, and procedures are established with the needs of seniors – one of Canada’s most vulnerable populations – in mind.


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